Laughing Latinos Comedy

Laughter is LIFE, so whatever you do... KEEP LAUGHING!

LAUGHING LATINOS COMEDY finds a new home BACK IN SPRINGFIELD, MA (The city where we started) 

Once again, the place we called home, is no longer in business. We are so grateful to everyone at FOGUEIRA for their wonderful hospitality, friendship and Amazing Food! I must say that our time at FOGUEIRA was one of the best year's ever for Laughing Latinos Comedy. 

Come check us out as we create a NEW NIGHT at a Long Standing venue... Aquarius Night Club has been a part of the Springfield Community for generations, now we bring Laughing Latinos Comedy to Aquarius and we hope you will join us on FRIDAY MAY 3rd. We are bringing you 2 of the BEST Comedians in the country! 

Comedian IMAGINE is easily one of the Funniest Comedians we have ever been lucky enough to have on the Laughing Latinos Comedy stage, and a personal favorite of both Phillip Anthony and Eddie Diesel! 

SARA CONTRERAS is one of the "Latin Divas of Comedy" (Google it!) and definitely one of the funniest and most loved comedians we have ever shared with the greater Springfield area. 

To have BOTH of these Amazing Comedians on one show is BIGGER than we could ever imagine, and we really hope YOU Don't miss this one. 

Get your tickets EARLY so you aren't left out of this night of a million laughs! 

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Laughter is LIFE, so whatever you do... KEEP LAUGHING!


Laughing Latinos Comedy brings top rate comedians to Western, MA every month while featuring local comedians on the rise and a comedy flavor that is unlike anyone but definitely for everyone.

Laughing Latinos Comedy creates an EXPERIENCE in Comedy unlike any other. We cater to all adult audiences, and although we feature Latino Comedians, we bring comedians from all ethnic groups and our shows are all in English. Our audience is as diverse as our comedians and our shows. Everyone who comes to our shows, comes to laugh... and they laugh A LOT! 

If you haven't been to one of our Laughing Latinos Comedy Experiences yet, please do... you will definitely want to come back again and again. 

If you HAVE been, then you already know how much your cheeks hurt each time... Please go to our TESTIMONIALS tab and share your Experience with our visitors to this site. We do appreciate it and you may even win FREE tickets to an upcoming event.

Phillip Anthony "The Laughing Latino"
Eric Maldonado and Dj Mombo
Darry Rosemond, comedian and co owner
Phillip Anfthony and Comedian Imagine
The Laughing Latinos Comedy  Crowd 2
The Laughing Latinos Comedy Room
The Comedians and Co-Owner Eric Maldonado