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Laughing Latinos Comedy - First Annual ALL-STAR SHOW recap.

Posted on November 24, 2014 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

NOVEMBER 22nd, 2014

Laughing Latinos Comedy held our FIRST Annual "ALL-STAR" show...

We brought back 3 of our FAVORITE comedians from 2014 for ONE AMAZING SHOW!

CORY FERNANDEZ: Cory headlined the first ever Laughing Latinos Comedy experience and won the crowd over immediately. It was Cory who set the bar for all the headliners to come and he did an amazing job. Cory can be seen on Bill Belamy's "Who got jokes"?, the movie COP OUT along side Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan and he was also in the first season of "Orange is the new Black".


PEACHES RODRIGUEZ: Peaches was the second comedian to headline a Laughing Latinos Comedy experience, she was the FIRST female to headline and the FIRST Standing Ovation as she easily brought the room to their feet with an extremely funny, exciting and powerful performance. We cannot wait to have her back and neither can our audience... if you missed her last time, you DO NOT want to miss her this time!


FREDDIE RICKS: Our third "All-Star" was unable to make the show due to circumstances beyone his control and we were racing to find a repleacement that was equally amazing, and it wasnt easy at all. Phillip Anthony decided to call the man who is responsible for putting him (Phillip Anthony) on stage to do comedy for the first time ever. Freddie Ricks is a true veteran in comedy and has been in movies such as "Baby Boy" with Tyrese and "SHAFT" along side Samuel L. Jackson and Vanessa Williams. His style of comedy is very ecliectic, ranging from urban humor, to Shakespeare to a combination of both. Freddie puts on a full PERFORMANCE rather than just "Joke Telling"... He gave the audience a monologue of comedy filled with hilarious stories, voices, situations, crowd interaction and characters. We at Laughing Latinos Comedy really appreciate and thank Freddie for stepping up with such short notice, for giving such a great show and for giving Phillip Anthony his first taste of the Comedy Stage... Laughing Latinos Comedy may have never been created had Phillip not gotten that taste.

Thank you to ALL the comedians who made Laughing Latinos Comedy such a beautiful vehicle of laughter for Springfield, MA in 2014.

Cory Fernandez, Rob Santos, Carlos Gonzalez, Peaches Rodriguez, Angel "Chi Chi" Salazar, Carlo Bellario, Roman Suarez,Cypress Nieves, Imagine, Artie Rob, Ruperto Vanderpool, Darren Rivera, Gary Alexis, Ricci Hector, Davey Lozano, Ana Sanchez, Orlando T, Benny, Davian Velez, Nikki Carr, Ryan Shanahan, and if anyone was left out, please remind me so I can include you. I do not mean to leave anyone out.

Angel Salazar rocks the Laughing Latinos Comedy Experience

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